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Three Bedrooms – Two Bathrooms – Sleeps 6

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Two Bedrooms – One Bathroom – Sleeps 4

Journey to the Land of the Sun!

With more than 350 days of sunshine per year Tucson, Arizona is America’s sunniest city. Even during the depths of winter you’ll enjoy cloudless skies of the deepest blue imaginable with daytime highs in the upper 60’s.In fact Tucson’s clear skies and calm days make Hot Air Ballooning a popular option for touring the city.  

Tucson’s climate just makes people feel better creating a laid back lifestyle and welcoming locals that combine to provide a relaxing experience.By choosing to stay at the Tucson Time Machine you’re rewarding yourself with an authentic Tucson experience that fully embraces Tucson’s rich cultural heritage beginning as a paleo indian village 12,000 years ago to it’s current status as “Optics Valley” the world’s largest provider of telescope lenses.


Discover the Lost Cities of Gold

Upon your arrival at this home one of the first feature’s you’ll notice are the mud adobe walls and stone foundation similar to the walls that existed when Spanish explorer Francisco Coronado made his famous expedition through the Southwest in 1540 searching for the legendary 7 cities of gold.

During that period mud adobe bricks incorporated straw in their construction and some believe that it was the setting sun reflecting upon the straw of the adobe blocks that produced the appearance of gold. By removing the limits of your imagination think about what it would be like to bring back one of these explorers to this modern day home in a time machine and how they would celebrate their discovery of something more valuable than gold!

With it’s state of the art appliances, plasma tv, and other amenities intended to increase your comfort this home seems like paradise. The home is surrounded by rocky canyon walls with piles of massive boulders forming stone towers that are sprinkled throughout the canyon floor.  

Through the openings of the canyon walls vistas of Tucson can be seen. The San Xavier Mission, “The White Dove of the Desert” established in 1699 is visible through one of these openings surrounded by fields of green.  You can easily envision Apache scouts atop 1 of the canyon’s many stone towers planning a raid upon the Mission.


Come explore the scenic and scientific wonders of Tucson with it’s wealth of biodiversity.

Were you to bring your time traveling companion on a Jeep Tour of Tucson they might recognize some of the animals at the Sonoran Desert Museum that features more than 300 animals in their natural habitats and many of the plants they would have eaten in the botanical garden.

Imagine how someone from hundreds of years ago might react to a visit to the Pima Air and Space Museum that displays aircraft spanning the history of flight including space travel and the world’s largest airplane boneyard. A visit to nearby Signal Hill at Saguaro National Monument will transport you back in time as you gaze in wonder at the petroglyphs carved into the rocks as many as 1800 years ago by an advanced civilization known as the Hohokam, ancestors to the present day Tohono O’odham Native Americans.

Just a few miles away the O’odham reservation, larger than Connecticut, spans the U.S. border with Mexico.  During the summer the O’odham host lively rodeos displaying their remarkable horse riding skills. Perhaps you might choose transportation resembling the first Spanish explorers and take a horseback ride through Cochise’s’ Stronghold the most famous Apache Chief of all time where it’s said he is buried with his horse.


Enhance your experience with modern entertainment.

Smartphone users are able to participate in year round scavenger hunts reminiscent of the Spanish explorer’s own treasure hunts that familiarize you with downtown Tucson’s history.

A visit to Old Tucson Movie Studios transports you back 100 years in time to the days of Tucson’s first pioneers.  When the town is not in use for movie and tv productions you can tour the various shops and buildings where the shopkeepers share with you what is was like to live during that time period.

For the latest in headline entertainment you need look no further than Casino del Sol “Casino of the Sun” less than 15 minutes away where you can take in a concert by your favorite band or play popular table games like, poker, blackjack, or kino.


Make unforgettable memories here!

While Coronado may never have found the 7 cities of gold there were many other discoveries equally valuable.  There comes a time in everyone’s life when our memories are more valuable than all the gold in the world.  Visit Tucson for an experience you’ll treasure for a lifetime.


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About Us

Our Story

Even now nearly 14 years later I still remember the first time we saw the canyon like it was yesterday. It was completely by accident. One Saturday I happened to be working as a real estate agent showing a friend homes in the area.

Wanting Rhonda to get to know his family better, for the 1st time in 12 years I brought her along on an appointment with me. In an attempt to take a short cut to the next house we tried to go through the canyon. As soon as I saw the for sale sign, we stopped so I could get out.

The place was completely captivating unlike any other I’d ever seen in Tucson after living here for 40 years and seeing more than a 1000 homes in my 12 year career. After seeing so many homes it was surprising that only 5 homes or so were truly memorable.

This was something that I continued to wonder about throughout my time as an agent. What made those few homes so charming? We were fortunate to win the property from a competing buyer. Since then we’ve come to regard ourselves as custodians of this valuable resource including the plants and wildlife it is home to.

We Needed a Family Retreat

In 2008 during an annual family retreat when we gather together to celebrate the past year and share our visions for the coming year, one of our goals was to build a home that our family could use to carry on our tradition. For 10 years we had been collecting ideas for our dream home largely from multi million dollar homes throughout Arizona that we wanted to somehow incorporate into our more modest budget.

During project planning once again I returned to the question of the source of indefinable charm that only 5 homes in a thousand possess. A builder friend recommended the work of architect Christopher Alexander who studied some of the most loved buildings throughout time in an effort to capture that special quality that makes these structures so appealing.

The Unique Benefits the Tucson Time Machine:

Alexander ultimately came to describe this quality as wholeness. Wholeness guided the design of the Starlight Casa with the intent of establishing a strong connection between people, places, and nature. Ageless design elements that span the history of humanity create a sense of belonging of the home to it’s surroundings.

According to Alexander there are 151 patterns that form a timeless way of building. So far we’ve been able to incorporate 112 of them. Hints of the pattern language are included with your welcome email. During your stay see how many you can identify.

Look No Further. Experience Desert Living Today