Frequently Asked Questions

Are pets allowed?
While the casita is exceedingly safe for people wise enough to avoid feeding the wild animals, the diverse wildlife necessitates a strict “no pet” policy that is stringently enforced for the protection of your cherished friends. Even leashed dogs are susceptible to attack by coyotes or javelina that frequent the area. Neighbors with medium size leashed dogs often travel armed with sticks and other weaponry to defend their friends. Their companions bear the scars of near death encounters with some of the local wildlife resulting in emergency room visits. These are only a few of the desert hazards that could land your companion in an emergency room.!
Where is the nearest grocery store?!
Our first recommendation is the grocery store Fry’s located to the Northeast of Interstate 19 and Irvington. This convenient location is between the airport and the vacation home. Fry’s belongs to the national Kroger store chain that more people are likely to be familiar with. This store is less busy, better organized, and lower priced than stores closer to the property. ! !  Food City found on the south of Irvington Rd west of I-19 offers Mexican ingredients for local cuisine unavailable elsewhere. For local, organic, non-gmo food try our local coop Food Conspiracy on 4th Ave near 6th St.
What type of rental vehicle do you recommend?!
The property is easily accessible by car. In fact we have a low ground clearance Toyota Prius that is driven daily to and from the property without consequence. If renting a car SUV’s are recommended for Tucson’s roadways maximizing your ability to see more of Tucson that most others miss.